2 lie down sunbeds

Our Ergoline Avant-Garde lie down sunbeds are the ultimate bronze tanning experience. This tanning bed has the least amount of burning rays and the most amounts of golden tan bronzing results, from 4-18 minute sessions. It is one of the best beds in the industry for people of all skin types, who would like to get the longest lasting tanning results, in a luxurious comfortable environment. People who have a medium to dark skin type, can maintain an amazing golden tan with as little as 2-4 sessions per month.
Most clients, especially with fair skin can achieve the best results by doing 2-3 sessions every other day for the first few weeks, then can keep it up 1 a week. This elite tanning experience also offers high powered cooling fans and an adjustable face panel to give the most luxurious tanning comfort. It also provides an incredibly spacious tanning area.

1 stand up bed

We also have one ergoline megasun tower that offers a fantastic even tan. Minutes vary from 4 – 18 minute sessions. Great for all skin types it is kitted out with music to prevent any boredom. We advise you use the bed in a similar way to a lie down, whether your building a tan or keeping a tan. Fitted with a high powered fan to keep the air fresh.